Much needed recognition of women farmers in Bihar

In Bihar, agriculture with its allied sectors, is the key to the overall development of the State economy along with the largest source of livelihood. According to the Agriculture Ministry of Bihar, it is the backbone of Bihar's economy as 77% of workforce are involved in agriculture and are generating nearly 24.84% of the State Domestic Product. Talking in broader context, in India FAO says, 70 percent of rural households are still depended primarily on agriculture for their livelihood, with 82 percent of farmers being small and marginal. Also Indian agriculture sector contributes 18 per cent to GDP and provides employment to 50% of the countries workforce.

Now the question arises on the workforce behind these activities. Google “Farmer”, you get to see the images of mostly the male farmers not the female farmers. Show-cased as male-dominated profession, women have been often excluded from the farming narratives. Most of the narratives are associated stereotypically with farme…

'Bihar Suno Nahin Dekho': How these women are trying to change perception about Bihar

The very mention of Bihar brings images of an under-developed society into the mind -- when the state clearly has emerged as one of the fastest growing regions in India, clocking over 10 per cent annual growth for the past decade. According to the Bihar Economic Survey, in 2016-17, the growth rate was 11.3 per cent, while the national average was 7 per cent. Rapid growth in infrastructure, energy and communication sectors and public investment in roads played a major role in bringing the turnaround. Other important factor that contributed in the spurt of opportunities was the plethora of campaigners who worked tirelessly for changing the perception about Bihar. Amongst the campaigners are two women -- Yashi Malviya and Sukriti Yadav -- who took it upon themselves to inform the world how beautiful Bihar can be. The two women, both of them journalists, began a campaign through their website 'Bihar Bytes' and travelled to as many as 32 districts of Bihar. From their travel was b…

Women should come up to vote for women in Lok Sabha elections

The nation once again goes to conduct another general election for the 17th Lok Sabha which is going to be the most consequential election in the history of independent India. We, the women of India consider it a crucial battle whose aftermath will remain the same as in last five years. The rate of increasing sexual violence, honor crimes, atrocities against Dalit, Adivasi and minority women, rising unemployment, hunger and relentless price rise is not going to reduce.

I hereby wish to draw public attention to the issues that have affected women in recent times. The concerns highlighted above need to become part of the mainstream political agenda in the forthcoming elections and in future government policy to ensure equality and dignity for the women of this country.

Women from Dalit and Adivasi communities face structural violence and rape from those who wield enormous social and economic power which is very unjust.

Crimes in the name of honor continue and the government fails to ta…

To all the women enthusiast: Can we make everyday women's day??

The day is here. My social media and phone is flooded with wishes and quotes reminding me of the celebration of special day for women i.e International Women’s Day. Early morning in conversation with my roommate, she told that her office is providing free lunch on Women’s Day eve. I said its really a great initiative. She blatantly replied I would have been more happy if they would have made my salary equal to the men working on the same position as mine. And then this would have been a good gesture to make women feel equal to men. Today women will be getting sweet messages wishing them Happy Women’s Day, after all its their day today. And tomorrow people can behave with them in their own ways and manners. They can go back to the same old routine of harassing women of their choices of clothes, threatening them of rape and acid attacks. Tomorrow they can easily deny their equality and make this place uneasy to live in. We can witness much progress has been made to protect and promote …

Arranged Marriages Are Not Made In Heaven, Absolutely True !

If anyone says marriages are made in heaven, it's absolutely wrong. Arrange marriages are made by desirable complexion, good figure/physique and the most mandatory is pay packages. There are price tags decided for each profession and according to asset belonging to the groom.
Arranged marriages in India are a peculiar and complicated process. People look for a ‘soulmate’ to happily spend their life with, but they also have a certain set of unique expectations from the prospective bride or groom. Whether it is six-figure monthly salary or the colour of the complexion, arranged marriage proposal are rejected for weird reasons.
The whole premise of arranged marriages is based on the assumption that your parents and the elders of a house are more capable of choosing a partner for you. The concept of arranged marriages leave little or no choice with the individual, and apart from this, it views marriage as a necessity and not a choice. It’s constantly said that an arranged marriage is…


"Be nice. Don’t be loud. Don’t be stubborn. Don’t argue. Be modest. Be respectful. Don’t speak out. Be a good wife. Be a good daughter. Be a good sister. Uphold the family honour."- these words kill me like anything or you can say these words just make me feel the worst when said by anyone.
Life of an Indian girl is heavily fed on guilt and it becomes more tough as you grow up. We are brought up making us feel guilty of our existence. In both the cases of being beautiful or being ugly, the society puts you down. If you are beautiful, you are forced to feel guilty because you would catch men’s attention and if you are ugly, you won't get a good groom. Similarly in the case of being tall or short, the same problem exists. If you are tall, you  have guilt of not finding a matching guy for yourself and if short, no guy will marry you because of height. I go out with friends and enjoy, I feel guilty. I am forced to feel I am doing something wrong.
It's completely natural…


What really is more unhealthy and harmful than being fat is the fat shaming. I personally know of many people who keep justifying their criticism and harassment of overweight people about their body or eating behavior, as a means to motivate them to start eating less, exercising and in turn losing weight. And the sadder part is that the constant fat shaming dressed as concern is puts completely healthy individuals at higher risk of depression, eating disorders, reduced self-esteem and causing unnecessary mental stress. 
We should understand that no positive change can come in a person from insinuating complete hatred for themselves.

We all need to love every inch that makes us and look beyond our bodies. FAT is NOT a synonym for unhealthy. Fat is beautiful, complete and a natural way of being. In fact if you really do care and want to make a difference, instead of shaming someone and making them feel bad about themselves, be kind and give a person the space to love.

Why is there so much …